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Information booths

The  SuperDrecksKëscht® informs citizens and companies within the frame of exhibitions about avoiding and recycling of waste in particular in local exhibitions in the region of Stockholm.

Ecological waste management in companies – certified as per DIN EN ISO 14024  


Advisory services

Since 2010 companies are offered services within the frame of waste management aiming at reconciling ecological and economic aspects. As in Luxembourg, companies receive practice oriented advice and assistance by competent advisors.


Waste disposal

The service offering includes a modern and transparent processing of products, oriented on the objectives of resource efficient waste management.

The SuperDrecksKëscht® and its partners in the communal and social field



Contacts with the city of Stockholm exists since quite some time and were intensified in 2011 mostly based on subjects as the change from existing service offerings for citizens to the Luxembourg reverse consumption model.

On 1 March 2013 the existing recycling centre Lövsta was taken over by the SuperSopTunna® and is currently transformed into a SDK reverse consumption centre. The city of  Stockholm shows a lot of interest to change further recycling centres based on the Luxembourg model.

Ecological waste management = Protection of climate and resources


Product cycles

In Sweden refrigerating appliances are processed based on the model of the SuperFreonsKëscht®. The Hässelby site operates a stationary reverse production site for refrigerating appliances, which is able to process 110,000 refrigerating appliances. In Sweden too isolation foam from refrigerating appliances is processed to produce the oil bonding agent ÖKO-Pur .

In the field of logistics, intelligent and resource saving vehicles ad collection systems are used.



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