Since 2 January 2013 the SuperDrecksKëscht® is active in Germany, operating the communal reverse consumption centre of the commune of  Mettlach. Contacts exists since some years already with other communes and regions (as for instance Landkreis Weissenburg/Bayern) and trade chains that are interested in implementing various modules of the SuperDrecksKëscht® model.

Animation - Information - Awareness raising – Training and further education



In Summer 2013 the SuperSpillMobil was touring the commune of  Mettlach for the first time, in order to inform and raise awareness of children and adolescents about what they can do for an ecological way of living with a very positive reaction.

Information for citizens

In order to introduce the model of the SuperDrecksKëscht®  to the citizens of the commune and to motivate them to participate, an information campaign is on-going in the communal paper, circular letters and brochures.


Ecological waste management in companies – certified as per DIN EN ISO 14024  


Advisory services

Currently no advisory services are offered in Germany. Individual companies have already shown some interest.


Clever akafen - intelligent and sustainable consumption


Together with trade and commerce

In this field as well, individual markets have shown some interest to use the Label ‚Clever akafen‘ to mark specific products.


The SuperDrecksKëscht® and its partners in the communal and social field


Commune of Mettlach

The reverse consumption centre operated for the commune of Mettlach was very successful in the first semester. User rates are high and the communal officers as well as the citizens are very satisfied. Various other communes of the Saarland have shown some interest to follow the example of Mettlach.

Britter Strasse 2-10
D-66693 Mettlach

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