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Since 2008 the SuperSpillMobil is also touring schools in Switzerland in order to inform and raise awareness of children and adolescents about what they can do for an ecological way of living. The last visit was made to the commune of Uster in the region of Zürich.

Information booths

The SuperDrecksKëscht® informs citizens and companies within the frame of exhibitions about avoiding and recycling of waste in particular in local exhibitions in the region of Aargau. Ecological waste management in companies - certified as per DIN EN ISO 14024 

Advisory services

Since the introduction of the SuperDrecksKëscht® in Switzerland mid 2000, companies are offered services within the frame of waste management aiming at reconciling ecological and economic aspects. As in Luxembourg, companies receive practice oriented advice and assistance by competent advisors.

Waste disposal

The service offering includes a modern and transparent processing of products, oriented on the objectives of the Masterplans Cleantech Schweiz for resource efficient waste management.

Label awarding

In 2011 the first 10 companies in Switzerland implementing the concept of the SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber and able to document this based on product flow balances were awarded the label certified as per the international standard DIN EN ISO 14024.


The SuperDrecksKëscht® and its partners in the economy and associations


Trade and industry; trade 

Beyond the advisory services regarding waste management in companies, the SuperDrecksKëscht® is also active for instance in the field of quality management with associations from trade, commerce and industry

Producer systems

The SuperDrecksKëscht® Schweiz is a partner of the most important Swiss systems: INOBAT (batteries), SENS eRecycling, SWICO (electronics), Nespresso (coffee capsules), IGORA (aluminium packaging) and PET-Recycling Schweiz.The SuperDrecksKëscht® and its partners in the communal and social field


There is extensive contact with communes and regional associations in particular with the regional waste management association GAF. Various mobile collections of hazardous substances based on the Luxembourg model were already carried out.

Currently specific planning is on-going in the field of reverse consumption projects: Reverse consumption centre at the Rheinfelden site, mobile collection of hazardous substances, implementation of the drive in concept and waste management in residential buildings, collection of used frying oils.

Disabled and underprivileged persons

As in Luxembourg, the SuperDrecksKëscht® Schweiz works together with social institutions for instance in the field of the processing of electronic waste.


Ecological waste management = Protection of climate and resources 


Product cycles

In accordance with the Masterplan Cleantech Schweiz, which was issued by the Schweizer Bundesrat in order to continue the development in Switzerland of a resource efficient economy, the SuperDrecksKëscht® Schweiz operates recycling centres or works together with competent partners. At the Rheinfelden site refrigerating appliances and fluorescent tubes undergo reverse production. Isolation foam from refrigerating appliances is processed to produce the oil bonding agent ÖKO-Pur Biodiesel, which is produced by partners from used cooking oils, is used as fuel. In the field of logistics, intelligent and resource saving vehicles ad collection.



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