„An initiative for the citizens by the citizens “ – with this sentence, the then Minister for the Environment, Robert Krieps, presented on 2 April 1985 the creation of a collection site for problematic substanc- es from private households. Luxembourg citizens thus were given the opportunity to separate problematic substances from household waste and to provide for their appropriate disposal. The initiative soon becomes better known under the name of SuperDrecksKëscht®.


The initiative receives a new characteristic layout with the SuperDrecksKëscht® comic character. In the meantime, five station- ary collection sites are available throughout the country. For larger quantities of dangerous substances as for instance in the case of ren- ovation works or moving out of a house, the mobile collection service of the SuperDrecksKëscht® was set up. Together with the communes, organizations or clubs, special collection actions are organized.


The SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber is added. Together with the Chambre des Métiers also companies are informed about disposal and processing of products. The instrument used is the waste management concept and individual advice by an advisor. The first labels are awarded end of 1993.


An additional collection system is introduced – the door-to-door collection service. The number of stationary collection sites at the recycling centers continues to increase. Seminars, presentations and exhibitions in the communes as well as an enhanced coverage in the press and regular contributions in the radio complete the Public Relations work.


The new SuperSpillMobil is very popular. It teaches environment protection while playing games – and it not only reaches children. On environment days and events – the SuperDrecksKëscht® is present providing information and games. Surveys show: the SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Biirger has become an integral part of Luxemburg’s institutions, known by at least 90% of the population. 


Since 1998, the collection dates of the SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Biirger and information on how to prevent waste and how to behave in an environment friendly way hve been available over the Internet. 


Collection services on Saturdays becomes a larger portion of the offer- ings, making the SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Biirger more popular with the working population. Due to positive feedback the number of 4 door-to-door collections is also increased. 


A responsible use of energy is the objective of the project ‘Cooking oils and greases’. These substances are recycled to become bio diesel, a useful CO2systems. In order to provide high quality collection, citizens may use the collection container put at disposal by the SuperDrecksKëscht®.


In order to collect problematic substances in an even more efficient way, the SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Biirger increasingly works together with retailers. Thus gas lighters and dry batteries are collected by special collection systems set up with the retailers to then undergo appropriate treatment. 


Thanks to the introduction of the ‚Service-Centers’ in 2004, the efficiency of the mobile collection was clearly improved. The ‚Service-Center’ capacity was made 2.5 times higher than the previous one, which reduced the number of the transports as well as fuel consumption and fume emissions. This means an economical and ecological improvement.


After the introduction of the regulation on waste electrical and elec-tronic equipment, the citizen is also allowed to use the mobile collect-ing facilities for the disposal of small electrical appliances.In 2006 the new van improves the service, quality and security of the door-to-door collection.


The action ‚Clever akafen – Products recommended by the SuperDrecksKëscht®’ is an important milestone for long-term con-sumption. The advertisement of environment friendly products in collaboration with the commerce and the Luxembourg Consumer Protection provide practical help to the consumer for the decision to behave ecologically.


The label SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber is certified as per the international standard ISO 14024. The corporate waste management of labeled companies thus fully complies with the requirements of ISO 14024. 


The EU-Commission awards the label “Best practice” to the SuperDrecksKëscht®. This award refers to sustainable strategies for maintaining and improving the natural environment for present and future initiatives. It is only granted to selected initiatives having proved their effectiveness in practice. 

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