Criteria and tasks of the environment policy

For the implementation of the environment policy summarized under point A.1 the following points are taken into consideration:

  • Prevention of waste
  • Preparation of waste for re-use
  • Recycling and utilization instead of waste disposal
  • Compliance with legal provisions 
  • Reduction of the impact on the environment
  • Energy management
  • Saving of raw material
  • Transparency of all substance flows
  • New production processes
  • Product planning and packaging
  • Environment protection at suppliers and processing partners
  • Avoiding environmental accidents
  • Procedures in case of environmental accidents
  • Training in environment protection
  • Information and awareness raising In order to achieve these aims, the following management tasks are implemented:
  • Promoting the feeling of responsibility with staff
  • Preventive assessment of the impacts on the environment
  • Checking the impacts on the environment
  • Avoiding accidental emissions
  • Measures to minimize emissions during recycling, re-use and disposal of waste
  • Minimizing accidental spills
  • Checking and complying with the environment policy
  • Measures in case of non-compliance with environment policy
  • Information and dialog with the public
  • Advisory services for all partners
  • Compliance with environmental standards by contractual  partners

Instruments of the environment policy

ISO 14001

The actions of the SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Biirger, fir Betriber and the SuperFreonsKëscht® carry the ISO 14001 certification, the international quality standard for environment management of trade, service and commercial companies.

A follow-up audit was carried out on 04 July 2012 with the result that the criteria of the certification are entirely met.

In addition to internal processes, the audit also covered the services provided by the SDK for the central services of the Luxembourg post (P&T), which carries the certifcation for ecological waste manage-ment of the SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber. The current certification of the SuperDrecksKëscht® is valid until July 2014. 


RAL Quality mark

Since 1999 the SuperFreonsKëscht® carries the RAL quality mark for the reverse production of CFC containing refrigerating appliances. The established and defined quality and test provisions of the RAL quality community for reverse production of CFC containing refrigerating appliances as well as of the RAL institute are an extensive collection of requirements covering all stages of the reverse production of refrigerating appliances. Due to the very exhaustive documentation of every step the reverse production according to RAL criteria becomes a fully transparent process. The minimum recovery values regarding CFC or greenhouse gas contained in a refrigerating appliance determined in the quality and test provisions are paramount. 

The current certification of the SuperDrecksKëscht® is valid until September 2013 . 



In March 2011 the SuperDrecksKëscht® received the RSE labelfrom the INDR (Institut national pour le développement durable et la responsabil-ité sociale des entreprises) for sustainable and socially responsible actions. 

The current certification of the SuperDrecksKëscht® is valid until March 2014 . 


Commodo-Incommodo Authorization

The existing authorizations of the Environment Administration and the Inspection des Travails et des Mines are regularly checked within the frame of the environment and quality management (Checklists current state - targets).

In 2012 there were no significant “Commodo-Incommodo” authorization changes and no significant changes are planned for 2013.


The SDK is awarded with the label RSE


The logistics center