The obligations and commitments of the SuperDrecksKëscht® can be illustrated on the basis of 6 pillars.

1st: Animation - Information - Awareness raising Training and further education



Young kids will learn early what sustainability and ecology mean. 7 different games dealing with waste, water, energy and environment protection are currently available.


Guided tours in the SDK-Center

The SDK-Center is open to everyone for vistis to see on site what happens to the collected products. 


Training and further education

Whether for basic training, corporate continuing education or specia-lization for instance for the construction industry, the SuperDrecks-Këscht® makes its expertise available to everyone working in the fields of waste management or sustainable consumption.


2nd: Ecological waste management in companies with DIN EN ISO 14024 certification



Practical advice and follow-up are the strong points of the SDK fir Betriber. Advisors support the company in implementing the waste management concept by regular visits.


Prevention and utilization

Expected increases in prevention become more possible. Intelligent waste prevention concepts and separate collection of waste generate tangible cost reductions and economic advantages.


Transparent processing

...not only by the SuperDrecksKëscht® but also by its partners in the recycling industry. Environment, quality and safety – intelligent management in these three fields in a company contributes to maintain the basis of the business.



Companies that implement the concept SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betri-ber and are able to extensively document this with product flow balances, are awarded with the label, which is certified as per the international standard DIN EN ISO 14024.



3rd: Clever akafen - intelligent and sustainable consumption


Together with retailers and shops

In this field too, economy and ecology are no opposites. Shops have acknowledged that selling sustainable products serves maintaining the bases of their business.

Batteries and lamps consume energy and can contain dangerous substances. Due to their long lifetime ‘Clever akafen’ products reduce waste, but they also con-sume less energy.

Paint, lacquer, cleansers, and school / office supply can contain dangerous substances that are harmful for air, water and humans. ‚Clever-akafen‘ products are rigorously tested and less harmful for the environment.


Good for consumers

Together with the Consumer Protection Association the SDK provides advice to the consumer about intelligent, economical and sustainable consumption.



4th: The SuperDrecksKëscht® and its partners in the economy and associations


Crafts and industry

Even beyond advice regarding waste management for companies, the SuperDrecksKëscht® is working together with the associations in the craft and industry sectors for instance in the fields of quality management and further education.


Shops and retailers

For the collection of products within the frame of the campaign ‚Clever akafen‘, for further education of staff as well as for the information of clients – the collaboration with shops is very diversified.


Producer systems

The SuperDrecksKëscht® works together will all Luxembourg producer systems - Valorlux asbl, Ecotrel asbl and Ecobatterien asbl.


Consumer protection

The SuperDrecksKëscht® works closely together with the ULC - Union Luxembourgeoise des Consommateurs. Both partners support each other with know-how to advise consumers.



5th: The SDK and its partners in the communal and social fields



Communes were the first partners of the SuperDrecksKëscht®. Even though at the beginning the main emphasis was waste collection, the focus is now to provide advice collectively to all the inhabitants.


Nature and environment protection

In joint projects with associations for the protection of nature and the environment – as for instance the recent project “without pesticides”  the SuperDrecksKëscht® works for the protection of nature and the environment.



For training and further education of people that are jobless or are trying to get back in the job market or looking for retraining, the SuperDrecksKëscht® provides support through training and advice.


Disabled and underprivileged persons

The SuperDrecksKëscht® directly and indirectly integrates disabled and underprivileged persons by hiring people from these social fields and awarding orders to organizations working in these fields.



6th: Ecological waste management = protecting climate and resources 


Substance flows

Intelligent re-use means imitating nature where there is no waste but closed substance flows. Production is followed by consumption, which is followed by reverse consumption and reverse production and the circuit is closed.


Cooking fat-Biodiesel

A good example for product flows: the used cooking fat collected from inhabitants goes to partners to produce biodiesel, which is then used as fuel for cars and heating the SDK center.


Refrigerating appliances - ÖkoPUR 

A further example for the re-use of refrigerating appliances: Product circuits can almost be completely closed. Even a solution to re-use isolating foam used in these appliances was found and this foam is now used as oil bonding agent.


Intelligent logistics

Alone and together with its partners the SuperDrecksKëscht® develops new concepts and models. Particularly in the field of logistics, intelligent and resource saving vehicles and collection systems were developed.